NexClean, Inc. is a provider of water treatment solutions. Our keynote technology, Magnetic Ballast Clarification (MBC), provides the best high rate clarification on the market today. This technology uses magnetic forces supplied by permanent rare earth magnets to remove fine pollutant particles that have been attached to magnetite using a flocculating polymer.

The Magnetic Ballast Clarification Separator (MBC) is designed to efficiently remove fine pollutant particles from water in a small footprint. A Magnetic Ballast Clarification unit of only 4 feet by 5 feet can treat as much as 756 LPM or 1,096 MLPD (200 GPM or 290,000 GPD) of water. Units are scalable and much larger capacity units are available.

The Magnetic Ballast Clarifier can be retrofitted into existing treatment systems to enhance performance or installed as a new system to meet tight discharge limits at the lowest cost.