Lake and Pond Algae Removal

Magnetic Ballast Clarification (MBC) is an excellent method of removing the nutrients (phosphorus) from lakes and ponds that are the common cause of lake/pond algae. The equipment can be scaled to handle almost any size project. The equipment needs to be deployed at the source of the phosphorus. It is also helpful to deploy MBC equipment on the downstream side to defer any further contamination.Algae-Pond-Removal
MBC can be used to address unique lake and pond problems. Specific strategies to address a lake’s or pond’s phosphorus problems must focus on activities in the waters leading into the lake or pond and, if needed, in-lake/pond restoration techniques but most consider input and out flow.
The key factor in reducing lake and pond algae is reducing nutrient sources such as fertilizer use, agricultural wastes, storm water runoff, septic system effluents and even rainfall can contribute nutrients to a lake. Deploying MBC equipment upstream in several locations will help slow the spread of phosphorus.

Our experience with a pond that had high algae growth which was removed in the MBC shows influent suspended solids of 270 mg/l was reduced to 20 mg/l representing 93% removal.
Some MBC equipment is portable and can be moved for special one-time applications such as construction projects while water runoff may endanger a local lake.
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